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Tarocco Oranges

Tarocco Oranges are large with a spherical shape, almost oval-like. This variety can present a prominent apex. The peel color is yellow-orange, it can be reddish on part of the surface. The pulp is seedless, orange-yellow, with more or less intense reddish pigmentations. This anthocyanin pigmentation is made possible by the temperature range between day and night in the cultivation area of ​​our oranges: the Plain of Catania on the slopes of the Etna volcano.


Suggested varieties

Scire’ Nucellare D2062 / Gallo Nucellare C898
Sciara / Meli
Rosso / Lempso



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Organoleptic and Nutraceutical Information


The taste is that of a medium juicy fruit with an excellent flavor.
The natural pigments called Anthocyanins are responsible for
the peculiar red streak color of the pulp (sometimes also of the peel).
From an organoleptic point of view, they are characterized by
a very pleasant taste thanks to the elevated – but at the same
time balanced- amount of sugars and acids contained, in addition
to the presence of some aromatic substances such as limonin.

  • Main vitamins: 79 mg of Vitamin C on 100 grams;
  • Taste: Very juicy, excellent and balanced flavor;
  • Harvesting period: from December to June;
  • Dimensions: 200-250 g.






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