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Clementines and Mandarin-like varieties

Mandarins and clementines are the sweetest fruits among the citrus family. Their slices are small and juicy, with a light orange pulp. The peel of clementines and mandarin-like varieties is thin and easy to remove, light orange in color and very fragrant.


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Organoleptic and Nutraceutical Information


Mandarin mainly contains carotenoids,
polyphenols (flavonoids and phenolic acids),
limonoids, and, above all, vitamins with
important health-related properties,
such as vitamin A, vitamin C and the B vitamins.*

  • Main vitamins: Vitamin C, vitamin A;
  • Taste: Extraordinary balance between the sour and sweet flavor;
  • Harvesting period: from December to April;
  • Dimensions: 80-90 gr.

*See for example Joanna Lado, Fabio Cuellar, María Jesús Rodrigo, Lorenzo Zacarías, Chapter 18
– Nutritional Composition of Mandarins, Editor(s): Monique S.J. Simmonds,
Victor R. Preedy, Nutritional Composition of Fruit Cultivars,
Academic Press, 2016, Pages 419-443.






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