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2KR Lemons

2KR Lemon is characterized by a high juice content, by the great amount of oil glands on the peel, and by the high quality of essential oils. This type of lemon variety flourishes throughout the year; it has an elliptical shape, its peel and pulp vary in color from light green to citrine yellow, and produces a citrine yellow juice.




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Organoleptic and Nutraceutical Information


In addition to being used for culinary purposes (to make sorbets, spirits or intensely
flavored juices both concentrated and diluted), this fruit is highly sought-after for
the essential oils on its peel, which is also used to decorate dishes. It is high in
concentrations of vitamin C which make it particularly useful against colds, cellular
aging as it protects against free radicals’ attack and is useful in the treatment of
anemia. Lemon juice is antiseptic, and it is used as a useful disinfectant thanks to
the high concentrations of citric acid which gives it its typical sour taste.

  • Main vitamins: Abundance of vitamin C, 50 mg per 100 gr of edible portion;
  • Taste: Extremely tasty and fragrant, with a high degree of acidity;
  • Harvesting period: from December to April;
  • Dimensions: 120-180 g.






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